A Guide To Music Video Production

Music Video Production

Music videos have the power to be amazing pieces of moving art or a living catastrophe. Music videos are basically promotional material for an artist and his or her song. As a result, the video needs to be compelling to the viewer while encapsulating the mood, feel and message of the song. MTV became famous by airing music videos of popular artists, which just goes to show that these type of videos can be very influential. So, in this article, we will be covering some of the basic steps in creating a music video so that you can understand how the video production industry works.

The first step is the treatment of the song and its conceptualization into a video. In this stage, several directors are approached, given the song and asked to come up with a concept for the music video. At this point, directors are competing with each other to get the job, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the best concept wins. The one that usually wins is the one that fits in with the allocated budget and resources. However, that’s not to say that large budgets are better since they can actually prevent true creativity and video artistry.

Once a director and treatment is chosen, the next step would be to start the workflow and planning for the video. At this point, you will need to pay attention to licensing, location and logistics. If you are making a video for an artist that is a member of the ASCAP, then you will have to get a synchronization license that gives you permission to use that artist’s song to create synchronized video. The legal aspects of making a music video are absolutely crucial even if you are dealing with an unknown and unrepresented artist since legal cases are rampant in the music industry.
Music Videos
Next, you will have to pay attention to the location and logistics of creating the video. In many cases, the music video will have to be shot in different locations, so you need to secure these locations and ensure there is enough space and power for your entire crew. Also, if you are using public spaces, you will need to get the necessary permissions and paperwork to shoot the video legally and keep curious onlookers at bay.

Lastly, you will have to work on synchronizing the song with your video. This is the most important part of music video production and you will need the right software and skills to create the desired effect. This type of video editing and audio synchronization is definitely an art form and will take a considerable amount of time to complete.

Music Video Production Companies in Boston MaIn closing, we have just covered the main aspects of creating a music video. This is a fantastic field to enter with numerous opportunities since artists will always be looking to create newer and better music videos with each song. So, if you have aspirations of becoming a music video producer and helping client with music video production, you should definitely pursue this career path and make your dreams a reality.

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